I’m pleased to announce that I have recently joined the Puma Browser as a strategic advisor! I’m looking forward to working closely with the team on issues from development and marketing to general strategy and beyond. I’m honored to be a part of the project and hope to help them achieve their goals of a more fair, open and user friendly web browsing experience. 

I see Puma and related projects as very important to the future of the web. Puma’s goal to empower users, respect user privacy, and provide new models for web payments are in line with my desire to build a more ethical, human-friendly internet. This is the future internet I dreamed of as a youth, which acts for the benefit of users and not monolithic tech giants.

And I’m excited to reconnect and work with Puma CEO Yuriy Dybskiy. I met Yuriy years ago when I was working on my former startup, Geoloqi. Back then, I found him to be smart, talented and driven and he only seems to have become more so in the interim. We later reconnected as he began working on Puma, and the more I learned about the project, it was apparent that it would be advantageous if I were more involved. 

What is Puma? 

For too long, content creators have been beholden to advertising, and as such, privacy, creativity, and web’s user experience have all suffered. 

Puma attempts to be an answer to Chrome and other browsers that serve the ad industry through privacy-violating data collection practices. It respects user privacy and sees web browsers as “user agents” - designed to empower end-users rather than exploit them. 

Puma also works closely with Coil to provide a new method of web payments in an attempt to subvert reliance on advertising in web content. 

Puma, Coil, and others in the web monetization ecosystem aim to usher in a new era of web payments that flow directly from the user to the creator and end reliance on old, real-world models like subscriptions, closed marketplaces, and advertising. 

Web Monetization in 2021 

In related news, I recently began a fellowship with Mozilla! As a fellow, I’ll look at systems of compensation, create a map of the territory, and map out alternatives to how our current online experience could evolve. Mozilla fellowships are devoted to the prospect of a free and healthy internet, and it will be an honor to have the time to write about something I’ve been increasingly interested in — the future of money, alternative business models on the web, and how we can generate new business models for creator compensation. 

The Future of Micropayments 

My fellowship with Mozilla and my work with Puma come after a new focus on online economics and web payments that led programmer Anselm Hook and I to organize the world’s first conference on micropayments. The Future of Micropayments conference was held on Nov. 5, 2020. A wide range of speakers from around the world gave talks on a variety of topics related to online payments, web monetization, and beyond. I am proud to have run and organized this conference that focuses on an important subject, not just to me but to the future of the web.

I was excited to have Yuriy Dybskiy of Puma Browser as one of many speakers to have presented at the conference. He gave a great overview of Puma and debuted some important features while hinting at other new and exciting things in the works. Check out Yuriy’s presentation here. 

Puma recently debuted their new blog, the first post of which recaps The Future of Micropayments Conference! Check out the recap of the conference via the Puma blog here and check out the YouTube playlist of the conference talks here. 

Try Puma!

You can download Puma Browser for iOS in the App Store or for Android in the Play Store

Learn more about Puma Browser at https://pumabrowser.com and Coil at https://coil.com

And learn more about web monetization at https://webmonetization.org 

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